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As to the general question raised: Petroleum is a renewable resource. The source is deep, hot and abiotic. It seeps upward 'geologically' slowly, but we can tap the upper pools much faster than they replenish. The age of relatively 'free' energy will continue, but we will need to pace ourselves. fewer engines sitting idling at stop light while people wait to go to jobs they hate so they can have a big truck (snicker) to drive to the work they hate, in a nasty regressive spiral.
Ironic; was just having a related discussion: Serf drives 60 miles one way to stupid job that pays $12/hr in a SUV/PU that gets 15mpg. 120 miles/day @ 15 mpg = 8 gallons/day, x $3.50/g = $28/day fuel. $12/hr - 30% for the various paycheck withholdings = $8.40/hr net, x 8 hrs/day = $67.20/day net. 28/67.2 = 42% of paycheck goes directly into gas tank. 8 x .42 = 3.36 hrs (3 hrs 22 minutes)/workday just for fuel and for fuel alone. 8:00 a.m. start + 3h 22m = 11:22, or 11:37 including the morning break- lunchtime! Half the work day all into the gas tank. Oh- 2 hours commute time on top of 8 hour work day = 10 hrs long effective work day; 31,200 miles and 520 hours/year commuting.

Gets even worse if serf has typical Uhmerican new SUV. AAA sez in '12 SUV with above parameters cost $15,770. Serf netting $8.40/hr = $17,472. Yeah. $1,702 left over for the year. No wonder the household needs several incomes.

What to do?
Cool Planet's Carbon Negative Fuel Cycle (really a virtuous topsoil spiral, but whatevs)
Thermal Depolymerization Plastic recycling - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Here's a hint: What Limits Population Growth in a Finite World?

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