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Originally Posted by radioranger View Post
if the price of fuel goes up the poor stay closer to the cities
I don't think this is always the case... perhaps sometimes , but not always.

Areas closer to cities almost always have a higher cost of living.

Sometimes the poor stay living further away ... or move further away ... they can't afford to live in the city ... and they can't afford the cost to commute long distances , pay for parking , etc.

The Minimum wage earner makes the same $ each year no matter where they live of what their cost of living ... they have a better standard of living when they have that same $income in a lower cost of living location... ie usually that means further away from cities.

Originally Posted by radioranger View Post
some people want that,
I agree many want to live closer to the city for access to all the things the city has to offer ... this desire for what they want sometimes causes them to eat the higher cost of living , for those desires... but if we are talking about the poor the minimum wage income is a set bottom end no matter what the areas cost of living is.
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