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Originally Posted by HyperMileQC View Post
From what I've experienced in my Insight when driving in city, if I P&G with the engine on, I cannot get over ~85 mpg. If I P&G with the engine off, or P&EOC, I can get as high as 130+ mpg (highest I've got is 132 mpg).
Around the city I can't get much over 80mpg following the regiment you describe above, I have no real mods. (engine is off as much as possible if I drive) Around town I have long distances between stops in many areas and stay at about 29mph which gives me about 100mpg on the instant meter

Originally Posted by HyperMileQC View Post
On the highway its a totally different story, Driving with load in Lean Burn all the way at 75-85 km/h (42-52 MPH). Target is 125-145 mpg on the Inst. fuel consumption bar graph.

I get a big hit too when temps are lower. Struggling to get 90+ mpg. lowest temp recorded was 12C so I haven't drived the car in very cold conditions yet, i.e below 0C. Hope it stays in the 70+ mpg area .
On the highway if I average around 45mph I usually get in the mid 80's, (unless its cool then I only can average about 75mpg) faster and it drops like a rock down into the 60's or even 50's. Winter even on long trips high 50's and low 60's is common.

ExtraOrdinary circumstances is for example me driving back from the gas station and averaging (with a warm motor) 103mpg but only on the way back, once it cooled down my average quickly fell as I drove consequtive days.

Good Luck on your excellent FE. And as always in an insight even bad MPG is still good MPG.
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