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04:49 PM; 92F -- The house begins to struggle to cool down. I think it's the heat wave and the stove heating things up (first 90-Degree day).
I had an epiphany along those lines. I realized using an oven was heating up the house I was trying to air condition...It was a real, "duh" moment for me.

It's been around 100 here lately and I've found that I rarely need to use the A/C to remain comfortable. I open all the windows during the night and close them ~10:00am, block the windows the sun shines through, and turn off everything that uses electricity (TV, lights, computer, etc.).

I was amazed at how stable the indoor temperature was, staying ~78F. I think the A/C is a "pamper my ass" type of luxury item, but oh is it nice when it gets 79F inside.

Hopefully your A/C problems are fixed. I'd think with the humidity you guys get, you deserve a little pampering!

- LostCause
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