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97 HX Turn key 50+ mpg plus extras SOLD

Selling my 97 HX since I now work from home and barely drive at all. I bought this car last year from the original owner. It spent a good deal of time in Alabama so it does not have the typical amount of rust that a civic this age would that spent it's whole life in Ohio. I'm located between Cincinnati and Dayton and not too far from Columbus. Even though I like to save fuel, I do not skimp on maintenance or repair items. I am advertising here first since I have done a lot of the mods that are often done to the civic HX and I would like to see someone get the car that will utilize and appreciate them. I've only had this car for about a year and have only put 9k miles on it so anything that I have done will fall into that time frame and mileage range. I am not desperate to sell but at the same time do want to get rid of it in a reasonable amount of time. I would prefer to not remove the modifications in order to sell to general public so listing here first. That being said, any of the modifications that you may not want should be easily removed or disabled. I'm asking $2800 which may seem high based on the year and mileage but if you add up the mods and extras, hopefully it is reasonable. Car is very dependable and ideal for someone who can put some quick miles on it and save gas in the process. If you look at my mileage log it is not overly impressive lately but I have been doing mostly short trips and errands near my house. I did just take it on a nearly all expressway trip and got over 53 mpg with windows down, grill block removed and going about 70 mph.

The Good
- 198k miles. I know it sounds like a lot but it's average to low for the year and if you know these cars you know they are capable of much more.
- Replaced cat.
- Replaced brakes. Fronts have cross drilled and slotted rotors and ceramic pads. Rears have new drums and shoes.
- Full tune up.
- Brand new OEM Headlights just installed. No more yellow foggy lenses.
- Coolant done when block heater was installed.
- Replaced radio with a Sony that has a detachable face, plays Pandora and USB stick, iPod compatible, shows radio information.
- Kenwood Amplifier.
- New front and rear speakers.
- Rear tires about 70% tread. Fronts are about 30% but I have a spare set.
- Car lean burns as it should.
- Maintenance records pretty much since new.
- Car does not leak or burn anything.
- Clear title
- Non smoker

The Bad
- Two very small places only on the driver's side where paint has bubbled indicating some rust underneath.
- A/C worked last year but not this year. Since I drove so infrequently, I did not investigate. I just ran any errands in the morning or evening if it was hot.
- Car was in an accident when it was practically new. Hood and front fenders are not OEM but look fine as you can tell from the pictures. Air bags did not deploy.
- The front bumper was also replaced at the same time as above and the clear coat has peeled. I did not care and felt better about putting duct tape on it. If you plan to do a grill block you don't have to worry about messing up a nice bumper.
- The shifter is sloppy. From what I understand there is a bushing kit that will take care of it and is not expensive but I got used to it and just never got around to fixing it.

The Ugly
- Mainly just the above mentioned bumper and start of rust spots. There is a spot or two where the paint is a bit faded as well. I would still call it above average for it's age and this area.

The Mods
- Paver edging lower lip. Again, I did not feel bad about mounting this to the existing bumper.
- Block Heater. Car is garaged but this still made a big difference in the winter.
- Upper Grill Block. Currently removed but will include. You can use it or use as a template.
- Oil filter relocate. The oil filter has been relocated so that it can be easily accessed from above in case of front belly pan. There is also a drain hose attached to the drain plug so that the oil can be drained remotely as well. This also keeps you from replacing the washers on the drain plug or worrying about stripping it out.
- Kill switch. I believe it was California98 that I copied this from. Mounted in the shifter into a handle from an automatic. Works great.
- MPGuino. Installed in a box and fairly well calibrated. In addition to this I used the Torque application on my phone along with a cheap Bluetooth adapter. I can demonstrate this but will be keeping the adapter to use in other cars.
- Remote door lock/unlock. I added a remote unlock with a key fob for the driver's door only. Mainly because I am normally the only one in the car.
- Power steering pump removed. Lines are looped to keep the rack lubricated and I still have the pump and would include in case power steering is preferred.
- Rear belly pan. Currently removed but easy to reinstall and of course included.

The Extras
- I have an extra O2 sensor. It's used but as far as I know good. You know how much these cost if you are familiar with these cars.
- Belts.
- 2 tires as mentioned above.
- Emblems.
- Other small odds and ends.
- Has an owner's manual.
- Has the manual for the stereo.

Click link below for pictures.

Fuel Economy, Hypermiling, EcoModding News and Forum - - 1carnut's Album: 97 HX


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