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Cracking the windows in the summer, which lasts six months in Arizona.

My sister parks in her driveway and never cracks her windows. I once asked why and she said that you needed an opening as big as your fist to do any good, which did not make any sense to me, and the other day she told me that cracking the windows actually makes it hotter, so I asked if leaving the oven door open a crack made it hotter and she said that it was different.

Good point.

This does not have anything to do with theft prevention, even though her vehicle is pretty new, many times she has told me that her vehicle is unlocked, and her children leave their bikes in front of the garage overnight, and for months on end.

What do you guys say? I did a quick search and one argument is that cracking the windows would enable temperatures inside and outside to equalize faster, but AC does not do any good unless it is running!

This is the only thing that I found of any use and I would not ever use this or anything else to argue with my sister... or any other woman.

When Should You Open Your Car Windows? An Experiment – Uncertain Principles

The important part:

They parked two almost identical cars in the sun and recorded those results.

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