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Originally Posted by jamesqf View Post
So do people in the US call it a dashboard, though often shortened to "dash".

As for parking/emergency brake, I think what we're seeing here is a bit of history embedded in language. Once upon a time, when the standard brakes were much less reliable than nowadays, it literally was a secondary brake intended for emergency use, rather than for parking. (Cars were left in 1st gear when parked.)
I've never heard an instrument cluster be referred to the dash before in the US. I have heard dash lights used before, but dashboard usually refers to the entire area just below the windshield.

As for parking/emergency brake, both terms are interchangeable. I usually use them when parking, sometimes when drifting the tail end around, and very rarely when I completely loose hydraulic brake function.

Originally Posted by UltArc View Post
I was taught just pulling it while driving will easily snap it- but from my personal experience being stupid (always in snow) and others just being stupid whenever, they are usually pretty strong. I imagine rally cars have a substantially stronger cord, though.

It only really bugs me when people say emergency brake, and the only use they ever have for it is trying to drift- specifically just pulling it hard while driving to slide around, as if it's purpose is to be yanked hard while driving.
I have pulled the hand brake on every car I've driven almost as hard as I can, and have never broken one. Hand brake is a more accurate term since it applies regardless of which situation it is being used. For the foot operated brake, I would call it a parking brake since I would never activate it while drifting, but I suppose I would use it in an emergency.
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