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Let us know what happens with the exhaust manifold and o2 sensor. When I replaced the motor in my HX, I had to replace the cracked exhaust manifold. I used the manifold from a 1999 Civic EX, where the o2 sensor is mounted way down past the engine, right before the cat. The old OEM one I was running gave out on me. The car would not idle and would hesitate while driving sometimes. I bought a cheap aftermarket o2 sensor, and it has been acting up since. It runs fine while not in lean burn. When it tries to lean burn it hesitates and then kicks out. I've disconnected the EGR valve to prevent the car from trying to enter lean burn as a temporary fix. I still get great mileage without EGR or lean burn so it's not a big deal, but I would eventually like lean burn back.

I'm wondering if moving the o2 sensor has any effect on these wideband o2 sensors. The VX and HX both had them mounted right up next to the exhaust ports. I'm curious if moving it away causes a delay in the data, confusing the ECU.
1998 Honda Civic HX - My Project Thread

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