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Ill let you know but before I put the hf exhaust manifold. I'm going to put my o2 sensor on my headers. Their are two spots on my exhaust. I can put my 02 where it is or extend it to my headers. It had a spot to screw on the 02. I just didn't do it because of my engine swap and that was the only place it could go was on the downpipe.

These 02 sensors needed to be hot and that's how they regulate fuel economy. That and the hf and vx had the cat right after the exhaust manifold. The o2 sensor has been cut off but the sensor is still there on the hf manifold. Makes you wonder if Honda knows what they were doing and they do. That's why I'm going back to stock. Anyways I'm going you get an extender for my sensor and see if it really matters.
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