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Saturn experts? DFCO parameters?

I know DFCO (deceleration fuel cut off) vs EOC vs Idling/neutral coasting has been beaten to death. (I know the issues with braking, safety, etc on hills)


Can anyone point me to the DFCO parameters for a sohc 1997 stick shift saturn?
Or if you happen to know what it takes exactly to be in fuel cut off.
Do you need to be in closed loop?
Certain coolant temp, exhaust temp?
Over 1200-1500 rpm?
Over 15 mph?
I've not found any difinative source that spells out exact parameters, or if they even exist beyond the basics.

I'm ready to start getting a little more serious about this saturn. Shouldn't be too hard to see 50mpg on a tank I wouldn't think. Saw 45 already.

I don't yet know how long of a coast it takes to bother with EOC if DFCO will do the job. A really long eoc coast (freewheelin) will obviously be better than DFCO and then having to burn gas the rest of the way. I have one such spot I drive often and will eoc there but I'm leaning towards more DFCO and not bothering with so much eoc.

Get bored very quickly. Vibe, Saturn, and crv all long gone. Been a while but I'm back in the game, gunna see what I can do with this Corolla.
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