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CFD expert - first time posting


I have found quite a lot of very interesting information through the form and website - particularly I was looking for Cd and Cl information.

I am based in Australia and do not drive a car - cycling and taking public transport when possible, otherwise borrow my wife's car. I have a lot of experience in Computational Fluid Dynamics (aka CFD) and have recently gone into doing modelling for cars.

I have personally developed two tools (please google for links as I am not allowed to put links) that may be of use to some of you:

1) Khamsin, a SketchUp Plugin for CFD Modelling: in short it is a CFD modelling environment integrated to SketchUp (a free 3D CAD environment). It uses open-source CFD software for the number crunching. While it has a small licensing fee for commercial use, it is free for non-commercial use;

2) Aerodynamic on Demand: this is a simple web portal to submit CFD analysis to estimate aerodynamic performances.

I hope that any of these may be put to some good use - reducing dependency on fuel is a good thing.


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