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Originally Posted by cbaber View Post
Honestly you could part the thing out for $500 with very little work. Doors, seats, motor, wire harness, glass, hatch, wheels, interior pieces, etc. But like I said, it's a mechanics special. Very limited market to who is going to buy the entire car to fix it or part it.
Doors are rusty, hatch is rusty, engine is starting to burn oil and has 300,000 miles, glass has scratched up 20 year old tint, so that leaves the wheels and seats as the best parts to sell used and I'd like to keep those if I do part it out and I'm leaving that to be a worst case, like suspension points rusted out, kind of option, thus my question of what the weak points on this body style are, because even if I buy it and keep it for my self, I'd be tempted to use it as a winter only car, maybe pull out the rear seat and coat the whole thing with truck bed liner or undercoating, but really I don't want a wheel falling off while I'm going down the road and if I can fix it for $200 and have it last 2-3 more years without a wheel falling off the friend that has it would most likely keep it and keep using it.
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