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From the page one link " : "From the get-go, our goals are simple. We're building this Civic as a reliable daily driver that delivers excellent fuel economy, but not at the expense of practicality. The car would have to be visually appealing to the masses with absolutely no compromising on its looks. No spaceship body kit, ugly wheel covers, or teardrop-shaped nose cones. Forget terms like hypermiling, hybrid technology, crosswind barrier, and drafting. These are blasphemous words frequently used by eco-friendly drivers, not us. The complex usage of "pulse and glide" acceleration pedal techniques in an attempt to save fuel isn't what this project is about. We're planning on driving this car like your average teenager trying to impress the cheerleading squad. "

Eco friendly drivers ? You say that as if it's a bad thing ;-)

And as far as making the car visually appealing, why tear out every bit of the interior ?
Perhaps the idea is to make the car look visually appealing at 50 ft.

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