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Anyone every experience a problem with the stock P&S controller with traces blowing off? Well, not quite stock. I've got a 400A hall effect sensor, and running 168V of lead, 181V right off the charger. It sat out overnight in a hard rain, but I don't believe anything was wet. I precharged for 10 seconds, and when the contactor pulled in, it popped, and smoke came rolling out of the only opening in the case. Now it's possible that the precharge resistor wire was loose, and it didn't actually precharge. At the end of the power board, closest to the Motor output, it looked like the + and - trace over the capacitors shorted together. Some missing trace, and some molten copper. Now it was near a screw head that holds the control board on, but the screw doesn't look arced. Just very black. Most of that section of the power board is black. Looks like I'll have a little less capacitor current capability due to some missing trace, but otherwise it looks like I can just fire it back up.

Any thoughts??
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