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Changfa diesel + Suzuki
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--- 93hatchDX "What's the ballpark price tag of a build like this ?"
>>> Well, skies the limit if you go all out and pay to have everything done..
I've done alot of scavenging for used stuff and that has been offset by some brand new purchases too. This project is pushing the upper end of 6k now, but almost a third of that was for the wheels that are off the original Centurion.. Took me 2 weeks to wetsand, polish and paint them but all worth it in the end....

--- samwichse "You should drive it in reverse for the best gas mileage"
>>> Likely some merit to your statement, but the goal was to replicate the original Centurion since the only other example was Lane Motor Museum's with a reported (paltry) 40mpg in normal driving, and the question for me was - could it come close, or even break the 100 mpg barrier like the plans/write-up said? The Tri-Magnum I'm into at the moment is closer to the aero-shape you referenced than the Centurion is. Should be interesting!

--- exccel "this Urba centurion is just getting started. ...Then I will know whether I will continue and rebody etc or call it quites and put the gen, Kubota and lights back together and sell it. Mark"
>>> Mark, I applaud you and your undertaking is a huge commitment. If you are realistic in your expectations and see it through it is very, very, rewarding IMHO. If you have any questions about the build as go, I'd gladly give you my 2 cents. The RQ Riley plans are solid and are well thought out especially for the era, but there's a few things that can be improved upon too... Good luck and please keep your progress posted when you can - ~CrazyJerry

>>> Aero "The car looks and [I'm assuming] performs spectacularly!"
--- Yes - but then again I'm easy to please! The goal was to out-mpg the Changzuki (115mpg diesel motorcycle) I did back in 2004. The Centurion does that and more, so your description is exactly my experience - thanks!!!

>>> elhigh "HOW HAVE I MISSED THIS ALL THIS TIME..... Are you the same Changzuki that bolted a Chinese diesel into a Suzuki frame? I found that via web-wandering, reading up about Listeroid diesels and Detroit Diesels, not sure how I found you exactly. But that was an interesting build. Do you still drive that thing? And do you still have those teeth?"
--- elhigh! As with most of the projects, I try to keep a low profile, blend if you will.
And yes I am the same CrazyJerry with the Changzuki (Changfa/Suzuki) sporting those beloved teefs! That bike has been flawless for about 15,000 miles now. Even the chrome sinkdrain exhaust pipe has held up! If you mill around the net and are into off-grid / Listeroids / or items that steer in that direction then you probably ran across a mention of me. Thanks for the post - I wasn't expecting it and actually gave me good laugh! Happy Labor Day to you!

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