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Originally Posted by Xringer View Post
ethanol-free gas @42.733400,-71.426020
is just within my road trip range..
I need some fuel for my gen and snow thrower..
You need ethanol-free gasoline for your cars & trucks too. Go to for the very few stations dispensing 100% gasoline in your area. I only see higher octane 100% gasoline for southern N. Hampshire. I find higher octane 100% gasoline as good as 87 octane 100% gasoline, but no better & more costly. HOWEVER, look very carefully for unadvertised airports or marinas that have 100% gasoline, maybe behind buildings or on small fuel docks. You'll probably have to pay more, & you might have to carry gas containers with you. If you're near the state border, look into other states that may dispense 100% gasoline. Carefully research the internet for local sources of 100% gasoline. You will love it....... if you can find it.

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