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Originally Posted by HydroJim View Post
I think it's a good thing and I hope it lasts. I think they need to bring a cheaper car to market though. Their 70,000 price is really not too bad compared to other luxury cars but eventually the luxury car buyers will dry up.
Can't you say the same thing of gasoline luxury cars? that the gasoline luxury market going to dry up too at some point, maybe once everyone who can afford a gasoline car ends up owning one?


I like their battery swap idea at their tesla stations. It's the only way I think consumers will accept electric cars for long distance trips.
Cars are not a good idea for long distance trips, that is why airplanes are popular.
The guy I was talking to who owns a Tesla and is planing to buy a 2nd model S, said that his plan for the very rare occasion that he wants to drive longer then his car's range is to swap vehicles with a friend or neighbor.

I think what is going to help them to keep selling cars is to build a smaller car, even if it's not any cheaper, the size of the Tesla S is the biggest complaint that I have heard, the car is huge!
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