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Well, here goes,

First off, half the people on this site have cars without power steering, my car has power steering but it's light enough and small enough I can steer it quite well without the power assist.

Second, shouldn't they be glad we're overinflating out tires to whihc "leads to uneven tire wear" because that will give them more business out on the highway when your tire blows.

Third, I personally come to a complete stop at all red lights and stop signs, I may not want to but I do, my office window overlooks a 4 way intersection and during the course of an hour I'll see MAYBE 1-2 cars come to a complete stop. So, that makes me question, is ALL of Albany NY hypermiling? if so shouldn't it be safe if we're all doing the same thing?

Fourth, the above goes for red lights, I've been nearly broadsided multiple times by people racing to make lights and just blowing through them AFTER THE DELAY, my light will have already turned green and they are still running it, BUT they must be hypermiling too as only hypermilers do this to keep from ruining their mileage.

Ok, that's my rant,

Ps. I hate idiots, people that stereotype and can't come up with coherent thoughts are idiots in my mind. Also people who have extremely flawed logic, IE, AAA in this case.
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