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Originally Posted by saunders1313 View Post
Where could I get black coroplast or should I just use lawn edging? And it doesn't bend at high speeds? What did you attach it with, just sheet metal screws? How well does it hold paint?
I bought a roll of lawn edging but, imho, it was too floppy and easily bent to stand up to an oncoming 60 mph wind. I could picture it folding back flat.

Coroplast is pretty stiff and can hang in there against the wind, not to mention against the occasional curb or steep driveway entrance (I should know!).

I installed mine by first folding it over the edge of some 1" X 1" aluminum angle. I'll have to post some drawings of how I did that, it seems to be working out well. The 'plast is pop-riveted to one of the angle legs, wrapped around the angle to the other leg, and then #10 X 1" sheet metal screwed to the underside of the car.

From the front to back, we have coroplast (with pop rivet "good sides") facing out, then one leg of the aluminum angle (with the pop rivet "ugly sides") facing the back.

From bottom to top we have the other angle leg (with the screw heads), the layer of folded-over 'plast, then the underside of the car (penetrated by the screws). Held this way, the 'plast is backed up by the angle pretty well against oncoming wind and obstacles.

Edit to add: I got my coroplast at a local sign shop. It was a special order 6' by 2' black piece, cost me $12. It's easy to trim with a knife or scissors but gluing it may be a challenge.
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