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Originally Posted by freebeard View Post
My plan would be to snow 'em with a lot of aerospace detailing, dimpled speed-holes, etc.

The ends with the corner castings and heavy doors would be cut away and the remaining tube would be tapered on the ends according to sound aerodynamic principles. But it really should spend most of its time on a bearing post with a rudder so it acts like a big weathercock, or on pontoons in some sheltered body of water.

There's an intermediate step but I can't remember the name to give an hyperlink. It is a truck van body on a container floor. It's got the [lower] corner sockets to fit into the shipping infrastructure, but they can't be stacked 5 high. What does that tell you?

I'd start with uninsulated because there exists vacuum-bubble insulation with 10x the R-value of what we think of as insulation. Lined with White Southern Pine for it's outstanding thermal mass performance. And I can build a 6" thick solar heater/night-time cooler on the roof.
i think what your talking about is what is called an intermodal container

i know about A/B foam insulation is that what your talking about?
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