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I understand all of your outrage. Personally, i am a LEGAL performance driving enthusiast. I have a track-only car that i haul to race days. Many people I know also use street legal vehicles with performance mods. A lot o media attention in Ontario has created laws that are unjust and affect these people that I know adversely without them actually doing anything illegal. It has created a anti-performance attitude in the police.

Anyway, my point is, all that crap was caused by a number of idiots who absolutely do not act like the "purists". The purists lose out because of the stupid people.

Consider this... one of the purists on this site who has trained himself for years and modified his car in many ways tells a moron that his tires are at 50psi. Moron equates: If i set my tires to 50psi, i will get 80mpg! Moron then pumps up the tires, tailgates a truck on the highway, the truck hits the brakes, so does the moron and his tires lock up hard because he no longer has the grip he's used to. Moron dies, purist gets blamed. That is what is going on.

As a racer I understand the affects of tire pressure VERY much. If my car is acting oddly, i can adjust 2 tires by 1psi and notice a massive differnce. The reason for the massive difference is that I am ALWAYS on the ragged edge of my car's performance. The only time that a street driver is at the edge of his performance is in a major emergency. No training, no safety gear, no grip due to overinflated tires = dead person.
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