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I have recently installed diodes STTH6002CW (total 13 diodes) with M3 screw and M4 pad with silicon pad isolating from radiator. This is what happend:
- before precharge diodes showed one direction flow
-when I precharged 88 V I have received voltage on M- bar and diodes showed two direction voltage drop
I have thougth one of diodes is bad so I started to loose screws of each one - and let say number 4 showed new future when it is screwed shows two direction flow, so I have decided to cut it from diodes series.
This situation happened again with diodes number 5, then 7 and finally 6. Now I have took off M4 pad and give M3 pad couse looks like narrow pad give short after precharge.

I have finally one direction flow after precharge but I have lost hope that this diodes are in 100% working condition and I worry that is my main key for blowing mosfet problem. Now I have hook up 9 diodes with 0.288 V drop.

Do you suggest change all diodes for new and do not screw new one so hard?

Ok, I have anserw, couse I have decided to pull a car with diodes and I got short circuit again 5 mosfet blowed, diodes need to be change for new and mounted exactly as couguar design.

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