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Originally Posted by Der Spiegel in their first paragraph
has put together a manual of practical tips on how everyone can make small, everyday contributions to the shift away from nuclear power and toward green energy.
I knew it would be an uphill slog at this point. "Let's all do what we should have done first." Later the article mentions "On a sunny summer day, the two children inside had to keep the lights on -- which drives up the electricity bill...". There's a lot that's wrong there, but it doesn't have to do with bureaucrats piling on surcharges.
The experts propose changing the system to resemble a model long successful in Sweden. If implemented, it would eliminate the more than 4,000 different subsidies currently in place. Instead of bureaucrats setting green energy prices, they would be allowed to develop indepedently on a separate market. The report's authors believe the Swedish model would lead to faster and cheaper implementation of renewable energy, and that the system would also become what it is not today: socially just.

Trouble Paying the Bills
I see there's more but what's the point. I'll trust Arragonis' assessment.

Electricity courses through your body and the environment all the time. To me, rent-seeking is divorced from the technical aspects. We all know the story of Tesla and J.P.Morgan.

Originally Posted by cbaber
I'm not going to read 45 pages of this thread
Why Not? We did it all just for you. Actually I'd like to see a way to collapse a full multi-page thread into a single text document. I'd throw that at the Mac OSX service Summarize Text. It's awesome.

Skip all that and watch this:It explains that any 'Anthropogenic Warming' is actually working against the trends Solar System wide. The climate is getting more chaotic. The increase in record highs and record lows isn't keeping pace with record precipitation.