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Hi Neil,

Thanks for the message. Khamsin is only available on the Windows version of SketchUp (I do not have the resources to focus on the Mac version)...

There is no "set in stone" requirement for a watertight geometry when using the openFoam based solver. Khamsin (and the underlying tools) considers sets of faces, not solid volumes. Best to check the analysis to confirm that meshing has only occured in the right places (ie the gaps were not too large that the mesh is also generated in geometry that is not relevant). Let me know how it goes.

Thanks for reporting the error message (honestly, the setting up of the third party is a sticky point in the current version). Below is from what I am considering order of priority:
- OpenFoam: Download and install from
- curl: A copy of curl is shipped with the code in {SKETCHUPINSTALL}\Plugins\Khamsin\Third Party\curl.exe
- PuTTY and EnSight: do you need them? The first one is required if you are planning to send the analysis to a Linux machine or to Amazon AWS. The second one is a commercial post-processing tool. The free version is limited in size of cases and I would advise you to use ParaView (free, but not very easy to use initially).

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