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Another month, another batch of cool projects to take a look at.

1) DIY 9.2kw Solar Array

Pinballlooking has put together a very nice 9.2 kW solar array. Check it ot.

DIY 9.2kw solar array - EcoRenovator


2) Hot Water Heater Timer Options

Pirate is looking for a hot water heater timer. He gets a list of options on what can be used.

Looking for water heater timer - EcoRenovator


3) Rheem HP50RH Water Heater Review

Hikerjohnson goes over the installation and then reviews his new Rheem HP50RH heat pump water heater.

Review: Rheem HP50RH Water Heater - EcoRenovator


4) Attic Heat Project Designed From The Bottom Up

Exeric has designed a great heating system that utilizes hot attic air to help heat his home.

Attic heat project designed from the bottom up - EcoRenovator


5) Solar Swing Set

Ever find yourself in need of a ground mount for your PV panel? Why not use your kid's swing set? That is what BenNelson is doing.

Solar Swing-Set - EcoRenovator
Current project: Adding regenerative braking to the Mirage
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