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new guy - 39mpg, wow im happy

hey i just got a scangauge 1 a few weeks ago and finally tried it out on a full tank. this was about 90% highway and 10% city, got an average of 39mpg.

the only techniques i used were:
-drafting behind trucks whenever possible
-tires inflated to 40psi, door sticker says 32
-actually drove 100km/h, hitting 120 down hills
-used my throttle position reading like nobody's business!

i was used to about 23mpg city and 29mpg highway before getting the scangauge. overall, im VERY happy!

car is an auto 96 escort LX with a few suspension/go fast mods, including lowering on eibach/tokico suspension and cold air intake. my mods will likely start to change for better mpg!

pics of my car:

comments welcome!

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