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The project is going fine in several ways. I will be able to continue to self-fund it, I've amassed all the critical pieces and have done the engine mods. But I have recently been living in this state of bliss, enjoying spending time with my recently-retired wife, building a solar-powered micro motor home, writing a little music... it all feels worthwhile, but also feels a little dilettantish. Although I don't feel like an old fart, I also do not have the fire-in-the-belly gotta-git-er-done-and-on-the-market-fast frantic drive that I have had at times in other entrepreneurial endeavors. (In fact, this project started in relaxed fashion, but then rose to feverish-wildly-optimistic-biz-plan-go-for-VC-funding pitch largely in response to the X-Prize challenge -- which seems to have been a bust for virtually everyone involved.)

Not sure if I've developed maturity or sybaritic sloth.

But it will come together before too long.

Regards to all,

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Ken, I hope you can tell us about any and all progress you made on The Zing! I heard from George Parker today, who is the designer of the FVT eVaro, and this reminded my about your vehicle, which is similar in several important ways.
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