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Originally Posted by redyaris View Post
Having just return from the BUB motorcycle speed week at Bonneville it was interesting to wander around the pits to see what people are doing with/to there semi-streamlined bikes. The first thing that stands out is the lack of any attempt to deal with the tail section. This is mostly due to the class rules not allowing anything further back than 8" behind the rear wheel & a height limit for the seat behind the rider. one could of course start from 8" behind the rear wheel and see what kind of motorcycle would fit, but the rear seat height limit would remain, and it would be far easier to build something for the RWB [run what you brung], so no world records. For the most part it seemed to me that many of the class records at Bonneville are more about horsepower than aerodynamics.
The Vetter aproach is far more condusive to the development of good aerodynamics, so your posting will be far more usefull to the FE set. Do you know of any research/testing of air foil sections with opening on the sides like a stream lined motorcycle? It would be interesting to see what gives when an opening is introduces...
I added another table above for a Clark Y section with slots of differing position and their influence on the Cd.
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