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Originally Posted by minimac View Post
Would it be wrong to assume a slight flair outward, just before the side opening would create a minimal adverse effect? I think as long as the area behind the opening was slightly narrower than the the area in front of the opening, the adverse airflow would
be minimized, so in a practical sense, be a non-issue.
Once the air gets to a void,it turns 90-degrees and goes in.It must have a solid surface to support flow.
That's not to say that the outer-lying flow won't make the 'jump' as Hucho refers to it.
In a dead calm,with only a pure air 'source' from the front,we'd have symmetry,but in a crosswind,the windward static pressure would induce a transverse flow through the body void,setting up vorticity as the jet collides with the flow on the leeward side,tearing the boundary layer to shreds and forcing separation.
You'd want to do 'something!' The hole in the body would not allow traditional spoilers to function as a boundary is necessary to capture a locked-vortex.
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