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Originally Posted by freebeard View Post
owly -- It's novel to see people advocating for rear-steer, so I have some questions, if you don't mind.
  • Do you have a cite-able reference one could point to in discussions of the subject?
  • What was the top speed of the truck/loader?

Me too. Except I think the downfall was aerodynamic lift on the lee side of the nose in crosswinds.

It seems testable with a recumbent tricycle. If the rear wheel rotated fore-and-aft on a pin at the top of the fork; and there existed two plates, one on the frame and one on the fork, that had 10 holes in an arc on one plate and 9 holes on the other—then the inclination could be adjusted to 1/10th the hole spacing. For test purposes.

If rear steer were applied to this vehicle, the result would be 3-wheel steering.

I haven't checked back through the thread but I believe I suggested turning the top torsion bar into anti-roll, that would shift the spring/roll ratio considerably.
Interesting idea on using the top torsion bar as an anti-roll bar. I know the suspension is not compressing to any significant degree with the stock torsion bar setup. I assume you are talking about disabling-removing the center anchor for the torsion bar itself?

Thanks to everyone else for suggestions-support!

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