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Originally Posted by freebeard at #54
Since the stock torsion bars are about 200% of your requirement, just remove the upper grub screw at the center of the torsion bar and it will float freely and act as a stiff ant-roll bar...I think. And if you want to throw money at weight problems, the steel front torsion beam is available in aluminum (for offroad use in Calif.) as a sand buggy part.

I haven't done it myself, but it's easy enough to try it and then put the screw back if there are unintended consequences.

I think you did yourself a favor with the choice of a standard Beetle front axle. You can go wider, narrower, lighter or airbags; all with over-the-counter parts.

When I saw this, I thought of the question of skinning over that beautiful framework. This would be lighter. And you could make some panels perforated for air vents. Bead roll right over the perfs.
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