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I will take shot on this:

As I understand HHO and my tests with it:

Answer all these questions.

Show me the chemical reactions that take place to justify the use of an HHO generator? Not chemist, But the idea is the HHO explodes and helps brake up gas droplets.

Show me how much water you use for the number of miles you drive? A Qt per 300 miles avg.

Tell me how many amps your HHO generator uses? 5 amp. I have tested up to 30amps

Where does the electricity come from to generate the current? Battery and ALT. No recordable change in gal.per hour.

How much additional load is placed on the engine to generate the current? [B][B]Unreadable. Note I have a Scan gauge II and it shows the gals per hour and I have a set of readouts reading the injector duty I tested the load on a car with nothing on… read .55GPH, turn on all lights .55GPH, turn on HHO gen pulling even 30 amps, .55GPH, try on a/c change .65GPH note I saw no change in the duty cycles either.

For the given volume of gas you generate, how many BTU's of energy can be produced from it given 100% efficient combustion? Unknown

How much actual gasoline gets used in the amount of time it takes for you to use up a given amount of water? 19 gal.

What temperature does the water get to on a long trip? 190 Does it boil off into steam? No.

What is the basic chemical reaction of gasoline in the combustion chamber? Come on not a chemist, gas VAPOR burns, 20/30% makes power, the rest burns after power stoke and is waste heat that burns on way out of motor and in cat.

How does a paltry amount of additional hydrogen from HHO help the combustion equation? By the shock wave from its burn braking down more gas droplets.

I have done some 14 installs into cars, and have seen a couple produce 60MPG+.

Sadly these seem to have been flukes. None the less a 20 to 30% improvement seems possible.

Sadly I have been doing most of my testing on a 2000 OBDII Ford, and the Volo Chip also failed to do anything as well.

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