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An anti roll or sway bar must be free floating to work properly. It forces one side to do what the other side does, so that if the suspension on the right compresses, the suspension on the other must also compress, or twist the sway bar. I'm not at all sure how the top torsion bar on a VW front suspension would do this.......... You don't want to make the suspension more stiff, you just want to snub body roll.
The rabbit had a wonderfully simple rear suspension that was in itself a sway bar. an Ibeam spanned the width of the car, and was attached by two rubber bushings like spring bushings. The two trailing arms were fastened to the Ibeam and used shock struts. For one side to move independently of the other, the ibeam had to twist. A simple and elegant solution.


I haven't checked back through the thread but I believe I suggested turning the top torsion bar into anti-roll, that would shift the spring/roll ratio considerably.[/QUOTE]
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