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Some more pictures. The front suspension is barely compressed as it is, so it will be very stiff. I think the way to make the upper torsion bar (actually a group of flat bars clamped together) function as an anti sway bar would be to release the center support and let the bar free float between the trailing arms. That may actually work out to be ideal but right now the ground clearance is 7 inches and I don't want it much lower than that. Probably leave it alone for now and see how it rides, then try it with the upper torsion bar center clamp released. That might make it ride better without compromising handling, but as long as it is reversible then it is easy to try it both ways. Even with 450 additional pounds of weight the front suspension compresses maybe 1 more inch.

Aerohead, the dimensions I gave you were off some.
Height 50 inches
Width 63 inches
Ground clearance 7 inches (included in height)
I did some rough claculations.
63X18 inches rectangle to 25 inches off the ground as it sits with 7 inch ground clearance.
That's right around 8.013 square feet.
The top is (as you pointed out) not a perfect semicircle. It's 25 inches high (versus 31.5) so I calculated the area of a circle, then divided it by half (semicircle). The I guessed the difference in area at 90% versus a complete semicircle.
While not super precise (over 45 years since I took any relevant math) I calculated it at 9.741 feet, giving a total of 17.754 swaure feet not including the protruding part of the 3tires, which I am planning on putting flexible dams in front and possibly behind the front tires and a dam-skid plate in front of the rear tire.
As you stated before the CD sould be .15, hopefully lower and the frontal area at around 18.5 square feet total, top speed might actually be pushing 70 MPH. Eventually I will find out.

I'll post the pics next post, been timing out on longer posts.


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