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Originally Posted by litesong View Post
EPA runs & designates their mpg test to be with 100% gasoline equivalent. In truth (like you try to cover up), 90% of 10% ethanol blends is 100% gasoline.

I'm not sure what you're trying to say here, but I never at any point tried to "cover up" the fact that the gasoline portion of a blend is gasoline.

That's like saying "I'M NAKED UNDER MY CLOTHES!"... it means nothing.

I'm a market diversity advocate. I don't give a rip about ethanol or gasoline or gnome urine, my angle is that more than one substance will burn in the cars already on the road and in our driveways and only the worst people benefit from a monopoly. If you want to call me pro-ethanol, call me anti-anti-ethanol instead because that's closer to reality.

Ethanol itself is currently the most viable product alternative to petroleum and as a petroleum extender it has proven itself to not be a problem. With as few exceptions as to not be relevant, every (gasoline) car on the road lives on a steady diet of blended ethanol/petroleum, every mile, every day, for the duration of their lives and how many problems can be blamed on the ethanol? I'm going to say zero (unless you count drunk drivers..) , but I guess a guy with an oil well on his property might say "all of them!!"
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