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Yes there are too many good hearted people that believe in it and I feel my lack of deep knowledge should not complete comdem it.

I returned to this thread looking into rather US OBDII is too well programed to keep a cap on MPG.

One possible showing of that is how my Ford will NOT idle out of gear coasting, it will rev up higher that it was running in gear.

My 93 Van and 91 Toyota don't do that.

And every thing I try failed...

YET We did get a Toyota to get a reading of 73 MPG and a Hundia to 76 MPG.

The Toyota was not retest as the owner left for his home state, and the next day called to complain that he had driven from Phoenix to Flagstaff (UP HILL) and ONLY got 56MPG...

The Hunday idle motor was stuck the next day and after repairs the owner left for Cal. and tried to do his own tuning and messed things up.

These two events haunt me to this day.

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