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Look I have found that you guys are not able to help me in my quest.

BUT to answer here is what we did for our testing.

1) Customers were asked to fill the car on its way to us, to have full tank when we started. We once did a test on a car that we filled up adn then tested for 50 miles and when we retuned we had more gas than when we start out...Thermo expansion of the gas in the tank...

2) We then checked the car over and then drove on Cruse Control @ 65 MPH 50 miles out on I 10 to a truck stop and had lunch and drive back and then filled the tank and calculate the MPG, IE these cars both got 32 MPG Stock.

3) We would do the HHO Kit install.

4) do the tuning and adjustments.

5) fill the tank and do the same road test again.

6) As we were not looking for small improvements but big ones we did not worry the small MPGs.

7) One problem was of the two cars that did so well was the lack of what we wanted, a long road test of some 300+ miles, both times the owners pulled out at this point.

We then when ahead and bought two systems of our own and then tried to find suitable cars to test them on.

We lacked any good OBDII cars.

I tried a Cad Catara and found I could not retune the computer, and found a few flaws with the system we were trying to install, so all of this fell apart.

Every hear of Dutchman and the HAFC?

Later I hooked up with a backer and thought a 2000 Ford was a good bet.

It is rigged with as many gauges I could think of getting, from a Exhust gas temp readout,, Air Fuel ratios read outs, Injector duty cycle read outs, a Scan Gauge Ii, a MPGunio. and Vacuum Gauge, a Tach, and I have two OBDII Scanners one in a lap top and the other a hand held unit that will also read OBDI, I also added two digital amp meters to really watch the amp draws of the HHO systems.

I even bought a portable weather station so I could check weather conductions should I have some results.

I took the car on a 300+ road trip and check its MPG and on the out run recorder 30 MPG and on the return trip was detoured off I 10 and had to take some back roads and ended up with 27 total.

Then before any testing I had the car dynoed and we ALSO ran the full driven NOT the OBDII Computer test..DRIVER ON THE DYNO SMOG TEST for the record so I could return and retest and compare.

Then and only then did I start trying things.

First up was the stories of resetting the car's A/F Rations, as I had devices that would allow me to reset them and I found the best was around 16.7 to 17.4 which was 34 to 36 MPG after which MPG dropped again, and I watched my exhaust temps to see if the lean burn would cause any temp problems, it didn't.

These test were mostly done on the same 100 mile run on I 10.

Next was a better HHO cell and test around 15 amps per bank for a total of 30 maps.

I was unable to get any improvements, even running lean.

My funding ran out and I set these projects aside for a couple of years.

I restarted with new info on HHO and again failed to get any improvement and took it back out and tried a additive and although the car feels more powerful, got no MPG improvement which led me to my now famous is OBDII Smarted that us, thread.

And here we are.


Originally Posted by mikeyjd View Post
So can we assume are the same events? You concluded that a 100 mile round trip testing was good evidence? Why not make the claim over 70mpg initially if that is what was found in the supporting cases? Do you think that the reason for mixed results might have been unrepeatable conditions, and tank fill errors when only 2 of 14 experiments "seemed" to have produced a result?

Edit: Read this before posting further if you want to know what we here at ecomodder expect from testing criteria.
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