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My 37 Ford had 7.5 to 1 compression which was about the highest Ford ever offered in their Flatheads. When you try to increase compression you run into problems with combustion chamber volume. Supercharging or turbocharging will definitely help a Flathead, but the 3 main bearings in the Ford V8 are a limiting factor as far as bottom end strength, so when you increase HP and use forced induction you start to reach the limits of bottom end strength. The Ford Flathead also had an offset crankshaft, similar to modern "Atkinson" type designs. My 37 idled at 350 RPM. To check the idle speed you put it in high gear and let it idle on a flat paved road. The idle speed was correct when it went 7 MPH in high gear, as long as the brakes were not dragging. I could stop my 37, with cable operated brakes, with just my thumb, adjusted the brakes with a digital thermometer, matching the temp of each drum within 15 degrees.

Nothing but E10 here unless I drive 60 miles and pay about 40+ cents a gallon more. Mot enough defference in mileage to justify the distance or expense.

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