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cooling flow

Originally Posted by renault_megane_dci View Post
What about putting the void under pressure from the cabin by using cooling flow for example ?
Aerodynamically,it's a sound proposal,as Dr. Wunibald I. Kamm is famous for using cooling air ejected at the windshield base to help re-energize the boundary layer there where it was tending to stall over the windshield.
The hitch would be fair-weather riding,where the heat flux coming off the radiator would be unwelcome to the rider.
With a nose scoop as on the E-Z-HOOK LSR streamliner,you might be able to create a stabilizing curtain of air.You'd lose some kinetic energy to heating aside from what the engine was rejecting,but worth a shot.
A wind tunnel would sure be handy for sorting this kind of thing out.
Professor Alberto Morelli spent untold hours in the Pininfarina wind tunnel designing the air extractors for the 1978 CNR 'banana' car.And at $1,000/hour,in 1978 dollars,that's a lot of Lira.
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