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I had a 92 for a short time. 300 six, Mazda 5 speed and a good highway gear, might have been a 3.08. With the .79 OD 5th engine revs were very low at highway speeds. On a trip to pick up a Honda CBR250 R I went over 800 miles and averaged 20 MPG at 70 MPH, but it was much worse around town. One of the problems with the 300 6 was the difference in cylinder temps in such a large engine with the cooler radiator exit water keeping some cylinders significantly cooler than the others. Mine only had 89k miles when I bought it. I think it would have been better with the V8. It may be why Ford went with the V6 in the later versions.
Sold it and bought a 97 Ranger, averaging about 32 MPG in the Ranger, 2.3 4 cyl, 5 speed, 3.45 rear, also tall geared. It's all the truck I need.

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