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Yeah, the 55 in a 70 thing, it ain't happening here. I am trying to get better mileage the way I drive. I'm not driving like a grandma no matter the cost.
that said, my truck is geared pretty fast. I don't have a tach but the rpms sound fairly low at 70. I think I have a tach in my shop. I might try to hook it up to see what I am at. I have the 5 spd, which is quite nice. The truck cruises along nicely. I expected better MPG with the overdrive. As for a V-8, no you are not going to be impressed with a 302. I had a 95 4x4 with auto tranny. Got 8 to 11 mpg no matter how I drove it or treated it. I think the 460 would have been at least that good and lots more power. I will try a couple things with this truck. If I can't get to at least 18-19 I won't bother wasting money trying. I am building a 74 f100 with a 3.3 turbo diesel from a mitsubishi cabover truck. That truck should get me closer to 30mpg. I am about done with these gas engines. They just aren't efficient enough. My neighbor has a 2004 dodge cummins, runs in the mid 20mpgs. So why try squeaking 18 with a 2wd 6 cyl when you can have 400hp and all the torque and also decent mpgs. with a quad cab 4x4?
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