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Why I like you guys better than my "real friends" on Facebook

Obviously, I spend too much time on here, but this site does not pull me in like Facebook used to. It seemed like whenever they came up with a new feature I needed to figure out how to turn it off before I wasted even more time.

I try to not post often because I do not follow my friends. I talk to them, but I do not have time for their ten posts a day.

Xist complains too much and certainly talks too much.
One woman told me that I didn't.

"When my son Mark was seven months old, I was so thrilled when he said `mama.' My joy quickly dissolved when he also said `mama' when he saw the dog."
Another woman asked "What is this?"
I should be happy. She both capitalized and used proper punctuation!
A third woman wrote "You have lost your mind"
I keep asking her to use punctuation!

Xist wishes that his professor would stop talking about "My Little Pony."
A fourth woman started talking about the show.

I started a question with "To my Army friends."
A fifth woman, a civilian, told us what she thought.

Apparently, Ecomodder is my "man cave."

Thanks for putting up with me!

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