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I did some more internet digging into for a laugh a couple of days ago. I went to the Youtube channel for "Gadgetman" and did some looking - He has a video on how his house is bugged now...

We have a technical term for this in the UK, and it is "Barking Mad" - but you may have other views on the voracity of the claims made.

In one video a guy does a review of the MPG - this guy Aaron Murakami.

OK - seems sane and has done some recording of data, so I decided to see if we could get more info and maybe get him to say what he thinks - having an open mind and all that.

To find him I plug his name into youtube and well, lets just say that we are into another world, another dimension and an argument amongst folks who believe in "free energy" and some drunk bloke called Eric Dollard who I have never heard of but is a "professor" apparently and has invented perpetual motion, or time travel, or fusion, or something - whilst drinking Heineken and doing Meth...

...and maybe also is able to see pink Unicorns in his sleep, and when awake, maybe - if he is ever awake.

Anyway it seems Aaron is now in "control" of Eric somehow or maybe not, but in any case he might not come over to comment on how the Groove benefited his Subaru.

None of them comment on UFOs but I'm sure they think "The Invaders" is a documentary.

Or is it...

[I]So long and thanks for all the fish.[/I]
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