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road trip'n

Originally Posted by freebeard View Post
[does a little victory dance] WhooRah!

Sounds like a fun road trip. Through the Columbia River Gorge, no doubt. (it was)

Did you take the old highway, or is there even any left?(nope, I-84 straight through)

I think the daylighted tunnels are gone. (it really was a fun trip, made it all by myself-enjoyed the quietness. There are a few of the lighted tunnels left and always fun to honk as you go through, the kids love it and always ask me to do that when we go that way to the Ore Coast, namely Tillamook-love the cheese-ice cream/camp at Cape Lookout).

How did they refer to Elio Motor's product in the singular? EMC? (the "Elio" as it is referred to now. They are having a nation wide "Naming" campaign soon for folks to all write in and name it!)

And what's that piece of 2x4 doing just to the right of your right knee in the last pic?
( i saw that but never asked, the prototype that i sat in had an E-brake and it was on, so who knows...) :{)
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