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Not to mention that the two projects in no way intersect. If you needed to replace your struts and wanted to lower it, then it would make sense to combine projects.
Now now, that is not *quite* true. You would in both cases have to remove the wheel, AND the tie rod end cotter pin. AND the tie rod end castle nut, AND you would have to get the tie rod end from the spindle. So the over lap time on the two jobs is a good 2 and a half minutes, if you take no more than 4 *small* sips of beer during the procedure
(yes I am just pulling your leg. The jobs do not intersect.)

.Cd, $600 buys a LOT of tools these days. The tools will be with you till you die. If you invest in tools, you can do the boots and lower your car for less money.
Post some big pics and we will mark them up and we can all chip in and tell you what to do to fix it.

I've wanted to lower the car for almost a decade now, but ... six hundred dollars is a hell of a lot of money to pay for something that is absolutely trivial.
OK I am a little confused now, unless you are pulling our leg. I am not ragging on you here, but if you *really* think lowering the car is trivial, (while I think it is not), how come you have not fixed the boots already, while posting an instructable on the procedure? Cause the boot, while not totally trivial, has only one hard part, and that is loosening the locknut on the tie rod end adjuster.

Or maybe you are using the word trivial the way I use it at work: When there is something that involves stuff I don't quite understand, and don't want to deal with, I tell people it is "trivial" for them to do so they don't bother me with it anymore.
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