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Quote: Originally Posted by freebeard
Why is Biochar carrying Coal's baggage? Isn't it more a situation where as soon as the production of biochar exceeds the rate of coal burning, a corner has been turned?
OK, yes.

Until that point is reached, it would be better to forget the biochar and completely burn the biomass it is made from in lieu of the coal.
Logically though, if we were to forget biochar. we would never reach that point.

I suspect you didn't look at the Cool Planet process. (they just announced the creation of three commercial facilities in LA, in addition to their pilot plant in CA)

Their output have three fractions. The first extracted is food/fuel. The second is 110-octane gas-o-line. The third (the remainder) is biochar which is used to increase the depth or area of the soil to grow in. It is really a virtuous cycle.

We need to be cranking the handle on that magic box as hard as we can. When you do look you will find their major investors are all the major energy corps, plus Google. Google is trying to steer them from large first-world facilities to something 1/10th the size that would create pockets of prosperity all across the third-world.

Originally Posted by P-hack
But I don't have a lot of faith in the "intellectual superiority" of the first world either, it is that grandiose notion that got us in this unsustainable mess. And I'm afraid that the solution is going to hurt. Not every sperm IS sacred.
Greed≠intellectual superiority ...and, worship daily, it's good for the prostate.

Originally Posted by P-hack
Just to muddy the waters further, CO2 actually escapes the atmosphere, like helium only slower. There will come a time, very far from now, when there will not be enough CO2 to support plant life, and you can figure out what happens then, and long before then.
Exfiltrate and spread our genes through the Cosmos?