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Here's a scientific fact: warmer water can hold less gases in solution that colder water.

The ocean has been becoming more acidic, because it has been absorbing carbon dioxide, which becomes carbonic acid.

In the climate past, this is why the level of carbon dioxide has increased *after* warming - and if the ocean water warms enough now - it will release that carbon dioxide - and this will be the Mother of All Climate Feedback.

And, it the water won't just release carbon dioxide, but it will also release the oxygen. This is why cold ocean water is so much more productive of life than warmer water.

What happens if/when the water gets so warm as to release virtually all the oxygen?

Hydrogen sulfide. <-- Science Fact

Notice, I did not say "fun science fact". Hydrogen sulfide is deadly.

So, the reason we all need to be very concerned with climate change is just this little thing: we all depend on the climate for our lives. If we want our species to survive, we have to stop doing what the scientists are telling us is causing the problem.

Would we ignore them if they said a large asteroid was headed for the earth right now?

I think not. The climate is just as serious.
Sincerely, Neil