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Originally Posted by Christ View Post
I've got about 600 gallons and more coming of 'dirty' and 'bad' gas... evaporated gas [mostly aromatic oils, etc but low alcohol content] and otherwise contaminated gasoline... We have the filtration setup already to get all the crap out of it, water settles out in the bulk tank and gets drained regularly, and we use the fuel in our farm equipment and small engines. It works, albeit not as well as 'fresh' gas in those applications, but MPG isn't really the idea when it's farm equipment and when it's free/otherwise wasted fuel.

Just wondering if anyone has an idea for another use for it, since it seems like we'll have so much coming that I'm gonna have to get a couple more bulk tanks to keep it all.

For one thing, I wanna see if it'll run in the work truck at all, even if it goes into reduced power mode... I'll also use some to cut the lube oils I use for fuel in the diesel engines and lower the overall viscosity to make it easier to run in those...

Any other ideas?
Fuel for Coleman lanterns?

If you are really frugal you could light your entire home with multiple lanterns...
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