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Originally Posted by cbaber View Post
The problem is that there is no solution, yet.

Fossil fuels will remain the primary power for our world until an alternative source can meet its value. Sure we can supplement our demand with other sources like wind, solar, hydro, etc. but fossil fuels have to be a part of the plan until a viable alternative is found.
Like I said - even if you think it's not possible to make a full transition with the currently available technology, there is still ZERO question that we can do much, MUCH more than we are doing.

Originally Posted by cbaber View Post
Some environmentalists lose support and public opinion because of their harsh stance against fossil fuels, when they should embrace a transition. An example of this extreme stance is Obama's energy secretary telling a room full of people that the only way alternative energy will compete is to force the price of fossil fuels up so that alternative energy looks more appealing. That hurts the economy, and with less money people cling to value, which fossil fuels have.
I have seen NO evidence that policies against fossil fuels hurt the economy. Even under the so-called "anti-oil" policies of the President, fossil fuel profits have soared, giving lie to their assertion that any policies are responsible for high gas prices.

Remember that these companies are LEGALLY obligated to squeeze every last fraction of a cent of profit they can.

We KNOW that fossil fuel companies lie about things like safety, and there is ample evidence that they lie about economics (as I just pointed out).

Sacrificing public health and our environment for "economic health" is a losing strategy, and has never really worked. All it does is saddle us with expensive cleanup efforts, higher healthcare costs, dwindling supplies of drinkable water, and a bounty of fish that are no longer safe to eat (i.e. people can't supplement their food budget by fishing any more).

And now on top of that, we have the damage of global warming, which is also making coal power plants less reliable as sources of power.

I've yet to see a convincing argument from anybody NOT paid by fossil fuel interests that being friendly to coal and oil is good for the economy.

Yes, some people rely on fossil fuels for their livelihood, but that has NEVER been a good argument for halting progress. In moving to the present situation, we've put wainwrights, blacksmiths, street sweepers, town criers, and numerous other people out of business. I see no reason why we should make an exception for the sake of oil drillers and coal miners, especially given the damage done by the materials they extract.