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Originally Posted by Occasionally6 View Post
As per full cost accounting above.
Surely you are not relying on the pie in the sky thinking that is Sternonomics ?

Originally Posted by Occasionally6 View Post
I think you will find that there was more than just that single (non) issue that people voted on.
I think you are being economical with the actualité to call it a "(non) issue", even the defeated party "gets it":

FORMER ACTU secretary Bill Kelty has accused Labor of underestimating Tony Abbott for years, declaring the party's breach of trust with voters over the carbon tax was a bigger cause of its defeat than the disunity cited by senior ALP figures.
and the new government is already starting to dismantle the climate bureaucracy - the Climate Commission is about to be axed and the Clean Energy Finance Corporation has been told to stop issuing any new loans.

Tony Abbott sworn in, turns against climate programs : Renew Economy
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